"The Road to Having It All"

A Private Coaching Exerience To Achieving your Ideal Life. 

With Chris Yonker

If you’re an Executive or a highly successful Business Leader then you already know the value of working hard. Your focus and determination towards the destination of “success” has likely rewarded you financially, which by today’s standards, amounts to a pretty great life. 

But what happens, when you start to realize that there is more to life than just working hard? What happens when the primary focus of your life becomes putting in 60-hour weeks, trying to squeeze as much productivity out of yourself (with the future belief that you will “make up for lost time” later)? 

Does your hard work lead to a higher level of satisfaction? Does it leave time for the things that really matter, like your family, your legacy, your health, and the ability to enjoy a well-rounded life? 

I don't need to tell you what you likely already know:

  • You would like to find a better balance but feel as if the constraints of your life don’t allow it… 
  • You feel stuck in the “inertia of life” which prevents you from making time for the things that deep down, you know truly matter… 
  •  You feel that without you being in complete control, things will fall through the cracks and won’t get handled…

Deep down, my guess is that you already know that something has to change and that living your life on autopilot isn’t working for you, but yet you simply don’t know how to make that change. 

Here’s something else “you know” but you may not be consciously aware of: 

You’re not going to live forever. 

When you die, all that is left of you is the legacy you’ve created, and the memories others have of you. 

I’m not sharing this to be morbid, but to bring to light the simple reality that life isn’t just about work. It’s also not just about play either. It’s about finding a balance and a way to have everything you want, and experience all that life has to offer while you’re here. 

So how do you make the most of the time you do have? How do you optimize every single area of your life including your health, your finances, your family, your spirituality and more, so that you can truly have the best of both worlds? 

It’s not possible until you are willing to admit that the way you are working is no longer working. It can’t happen until you create the space to take a step back from the overloaded lifestyle you live. There’s simply too much technology, too much work, too much stimulation, too much inertia to get clarity on what it is that you truly want for your life. 

It’s why I’m writing to you right now. 

My name is Chris Yonker and I work with successful executives like you. 


  • I specialize in helping clients to get clarity on the life they truly want to lead. I guide my clients through re-framing their thoughts and actions. This results in a shift in focus from looking solely at “the destination” to more about creating a life plan that makes the journey enjoyable, meaningful, and still lets you reach your goals.  

“Chris Yonker is a CEO’s Secret Weapon…”

– Mark Hughes, CEO of C3 Metrics 

“If you’re considering Chris in any way, shape or form to coach or consult for you or your business, I’m telling you right now that personally or professionally he’s going to help you have incredible breakthroughs. There’s no doubt about that.”

– Dave Andrews, author of The 30-Day Sobriety Solution

The busy life of a professional doesn’t leave room for small talk, so I’d like to invite you to schedule a call with me to discuss how my new coaching program can set you on the road to having everything you want out of life. 

On this call, I’ll ask you to be real, to drop the pretenses and get honest about what you want out of your life and what’s standing in the way. 

If you’re not open to that, I’ll save us some time and tell you to read no further. But If you’re still here then the odds are something here is speaking to. Something is telling you that it’s time to stop feeling out of control and start getting clarity on what you want your next chapter to be. 

“A 'harmonized' life these days sounds like a tall order. Between housework, homework, workwork, and busywork, there are perpetually too many things to do, and not enough time to find that mythical balance. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you're doing doing doing but getting nothing truly done that you really want.”

– Jack Canfield

My goal is simply show you where you are preventing yourself from having everything you want. To show you your blind spots, point out the delusions (yes, delusions), that are hindering you. 

Nothing can change until you decide to make a change. 

It begins with your desire to have a better life and a better experience than you currently are having. 

Let’s get on the phone and talk. 

“Chris was able to help me and my company create amazing results. Not only did I grow our revenue to record numbers, I was able to double my time off. Chris’ real world teaching is relevant to people who are building companies like myself.”

– Avin Kline, CEO, Web Success Agency

“The fascinating thing about Chris is his ability to effortlessly see through the extraneous noise and immediately zero in on the core issue that stands between you and what you really want… which would be incredibly valuable in and of itself. But Chris is also masterful at helping to shift--not just your perspective, but the way you think and make decisions--so that you can overcome inertia in your business or life, get off of "auto pilot" and actually make the change you tell yourself you want to make, but don't know where to start.

I've never seen anyone be able to cut through to help people and teams figure out what it is they really want and get the direction and clarity of thought that they need. It's an incredible skill and one that I have found to be priceless and irreplaceable.”.

– Angelique Rewers, CEO, www.thecorporateagent.com